IZ Têxtil was created to shatter the boundaries of the t-shirt manufacturing market. Explore the inspiring story of this brand that is passionate about innovation and technology! 

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At its core, IZ Têxtil is committed to making history in the apparel industry. Their mission? To provide the highest quality t-shirts manufactured in Brazil while ensuring they are accessible at an affordable cost.

Founded in 2015, the company emerged as a small wholesaler in Brusque/SC, where the couple Iara and Romário saw their dream come true.

Now, they are delighted to witness the growth of the business thanks to the incorporation of technology into production methods and quality control management, with agility and efficacy.

Are you wondering how technology has revolutionized IZ Têxtil's production routine and if it can do the same for your company?

Find out by watching the success story video! In it, you will hear partners and collaborators discuss what has changed since the introduction of Audaces to their daily production.

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What the owner of IZ says

"I usually say that there is an IZ before and an IZ after Audaces.With the implementation of Fashion Studio, we manage to convey more confidence to the customers because it is the most realistic virtual approval they will get. More realistic than that, only if it were a physical sample itself!".


IZ Têxtil’s Co-Owner

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